Our Team

Our team at Swyng Carpool is not only uniquely qualified but possesses the precise blend of expertise and experience to propel our business into a market-leading position. Together, we're driven by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to transforming the travel experience in Kenya and beyond.

Brian Bosho

With a background in electronics design and hardware engineering, Brian's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to co-found a company focused on infrastructure projects, including telecommunications. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University-Africa, his leadership and innovation drive our strategic direction.

Victor Korir

A UC Berkeley graduate in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Victor's software development experience with tech giants like Adobe, Salesforce, and Microsoft brings unparalleled technical prowess. His 4 years in the industry have honed his skills in creating software products for millions of users.

Joshua Musau

With nearly 5 years in consulting and customer onboarding management, Joshua, an MSc graduate from Carnegie Mellon University Africa, blends technical expertise with leadership. Notable roles at KPMG East Africa, D-Tag Europe, and FoundryBox showcase his strategic skills. Joshua's leadership positions underscore his ability to drive teams toward strategic goals.

Beryl Nyajuoga

With over 5 years of experience in financial analysis, Beryl's expertise in financial modeling, investment analysis, and financial reporting ensures our financial stability and growth. Her strategic thinking guides our financial decision-making.

Kenneth Kibet

Kenneth's strong background in Telecommunications and Information Technology, along with a Project Management and Delivery certificate from Huawei Academy, provides us with essential operational guidance. His experience in project conceptualization and commissioning ensures efficiency in our operations.

Adrian Adagi

With a BA in Psychology and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Adrian's creativity and experience in marketing enable us to reach our audience effectively. His structured campaigns and branding strategies amplify our market presence.