Swyng,Carpooling made simple.
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Our Product

Save Money

Share the cost of commuting with fellow travelers, significantly reducing your transportation expenses.

Comfortable & Reliable

Choose from a wide range of carpooling options and find rides that fit your schedule perfectly. Don’t get frustrated last minute.

Build Connections

Meet new people and foster a sense of community by sharing rides with others who have similar commuting routes.

Safe & Secure 24/7

Our platform prioritizes safety with user verification and rating systems, ensuring a trustworthy community. Use the SOS button for whenever you’re in a pinch!

About us
Swyng Carpool is an innovative ride-sharing platform that aims to revolutionize long-distance travel in Kenya, addressing the many challenges prevalent in public transport. Our vision is to create an environment where travelers can enjoy a social, safer, more reliable, and convenient travel experience, fundamentally transforming how people commute between cities in Kenya and across Africa. 

Transforming transportation in Africa into an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Discover CarpoolingCurrently available on Android devices.